Passing the eJPT Certification

Tyler Butler
3 min readJan 11, 2021

The eLearnSecurity Junior Penetration Tester certification, commonly referred to as the eJPT, is a great certification for anyone with basic information security skills looking to get into penetration testing. I recently completed the course and passed the certification exam, and will be using this blog post to give my overall impression of the course content.

eLearnSecurity Joining INE

As you may have learned by now, eLearnSecurity recently changed their training delivery model and has joined forces with INE. In the past, eLearnSecurity served as both the certifying body behind the certification as well as delivered the training. As of December 2020, INE is now the preferred eJPT course provider. This has caused a lot of confusion in the infosec community. INE offers several ways to take training on their platform, mainly through “passes”. Users can purchase these passes to get access to course content, however these passes are fairly expensive. This lead to some confusion about the new eJPT offering as many users, including myself at first, thought you must purchase an INE pass to take the eJPT course. This is not true! The eJPT course is free on INE, you just need to sign up for the “Free Cyber Security pass”, which gives you access to all the eJPT training materials. The only thing which requires payment is purchasing a eLearnSecurity voucher. The voucher is what allows you to take the final exam, and costs $200. The following video by John Hammond explains this transition in great detail.

I was very impressed with the eJPT training course on the INE platform, called the Penetration Testing Student Course (PTS). The course was broken down into individual topics with each topic having powerpoint slides, hands-on labs, and videos. The powerpoint slides were a surprise to me, having taken the OSCP course I was expecting all the course content to be delivered in video form. If I had one negative thought about the course it would be that while there were videos that supplement the slides, not every topic included a video. For the overwhelming majority of the course, the self-guided powerpoints was the primary learning material. In other courses such as OSCP, the entire content includes corresponding video portions. With that being said, the slides were well written and easy to follow. The course was broken down into three parts.

  • Penetration Testing Pre-requisits
  • Penetration Testing: Preliminary Skills & Programming
  • Penetration Testing Basics

The INE platform has a great UI which allows students to navigate between each of the chapters, marking them as complete as you go. Below is a screenshot of the course dashboard where you can see slides, videos, and a lab.

PTS Course Labs

Black Box Practice Penetration Tests

eJPT Certification Exam

Exam Tips


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